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mit kostenfreiem Demo-Download! Supervise open claims, damages and warranties. Lead new building & yard teams worldwide!

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The Marine CODieBOARD#supervision-center

Supervise open claims, damages and warranties. Lead new building & yard teams worldwide!

Technische Details / Preise
Programmname:  The Marine CODieBOARD#supervision-center   Version:  2015
Supervise open claims, damages and warranties. Lead new building & yard teams worldwide!
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The ship new building and claims management software CODieBOARD# supervision-center is designed to supervise all of your yard teams around the world. Be informed about every claim in real-time and be prepared for price negotiations with detailed claims lists. The maritime software handles damages and insurances cases too and is a valuable tool to stay in track in years of processing with insurance companies. The target of this software is to keep the costs and time as low as possible while it provides compelling evidences about claims, damages and warranty cases. 

The claim and damage management software provides the following features:


  • Complete management of all claims
  • Automatic data exchange
  • Track all costs and workloads

Damages & Warranty

  • Full management of all damages (incl. stevedore, lashing and off-hire)
  • Handle insurance cases
  • Easy reporting to company, yard, charterer etc.
  • All bills, documents, damage histories are always available
  • Analyze manufacturer, yards, ports and vessels for damage costs/ occurrence

New building

  • Sea trial module
  • Central claims database
  • Real time updates to company
  • Yard team stays informed
  • Claim list for cost negotiations

About CODie software products e.K.

“Designed by crew for crew” is what our software stands for since 1995. Our maritime software suite is coded by professional staff with years of seagoing experience, along with crews on board ships.

The close cooperation with German shipping, management and liner companies enables us to offer what you really need: Ease of use and the right amount of functionality.

CODie provides some of the biggest German shipping companies with maritime software. Founded in 1990, today we are looking back on a quarter century of tradition and consistency.

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  • ship yards
  • shipping companies
  • charterer
  • offshore industry
  • yard teams
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