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SoftGuide References

SoftGuide is a brilliant platform for software distribution!
We made good experience with the reputation and the support of Softguide.
On the big online search engine you can reach a bigger range of people but we achieved the bigger success through Softguide. Of course everything needs its time, so especially in the startphase you should not expect too much.


Hans Lemke (GF)
Excellent portal, go on!
We noticed that advertising reaches a bigger range of people on the well-established online search engines but 99% of them are NO potential customers. These people leave our site after a few seconds and only generates us costs.

Because of that we can recommend SoftGuide.


Hermann Wirth
WirthLogistik GmbH, Schweiz
25% more accesses and sales because of including a videoclip in the program entry
…accesses and sales increased by 25% because of the changes (integration of a video clip - note by the editorial staff).
Many thanks and best regards,

Dr. M. K. (vendor wished to stay anonymous)
"The cost-benefit ratio is outstanding..."
About two years ago we decided to purchase a SoftGuide listing. Today we can say that that was absolutely the right decision. For a modest fee, we regularly receive inquiries from potential clients who otherwise probably never would have come to us. But even more important is the fact that many of these potential clients have since become satisfied customers.
The cost-benefit ratio is outstanding, and the ever prompt and courteous service provided by the SoftGuide team makes the collaboration a pleasure for us.

Thank you very much!
Achim Warkotsch, Dr.-Ing.
G&W Software Entwicklung GmbH
We have worked with you for several years now and, even though it may not be customary, we would like to thank you for the extremely successful and enjoyable collaboration.

We would especially like to acknowledge the increase in the number of potential customer inquiries; some areas of our adata solutions saw an increase of up to 40%. Compared to other platforms, SoftGuide is far and above the best.

We are confident that it will remain that way.

Greetings from the city of Verden,
adata Software GmbH
Lutz Slomka, Executive Director
...really brought our product ahead online!

We would like to take this opportunity to simply say "thank you"...for the professional and personal consultation and support.
SoftGuide has really brought our product ahead online....


Norbert Grünberg, Executive Director

From a software guide review by the Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce:

The software guide is the market leader.... This Wolfsburg company lists even the smallest programs of purely regional importance and provides potential buyers with most up-to-date overview...

Dr.-Ing. Reinhold Bottin

"...By the way, SoftGuide is, in my opinion, currently the best platform on the Web (it has to be said)"


Markus Schnell
D-82110 Germering


Dear SoftGuide Team,

I would like to express my appreciation to you!

The entry in SoftGuide brought me not only several potential client inquiries within the past few months, but, thanks to the listing on your site, it is now easier to find our business in Google searches.
I am looking forward to continued friendly, effective collaborations.

StepOver GmbH
Wollgrasweg 27
70599 Stuttgart


We are absolutely thrilled by SoftGuide and its service.

Thanks to our entry in your directory, our software solution time report® has achieved excellent standing on the Internet. In the short time since we registered we have already been able to speak with interested contacts.

time report®
Marketing / Vertrieb

Ralph-Hendrik Heß & Frank Prein GbR
Sperberstraße 25
16556 Borgsdorf / Berlin
...By now most of our customers come from SoftGuide. This is qualitatively the best thing that can happen for us.
Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Carsten Böttcher

Böttcher Informationssysteme
63067 Offenbach

Many customers!
...I would like to use this opportunity to express my satisfaction with your service.
Many customers--or potential customers--come from SoftGuide, and the sales of our demo version alone easily cover the service fees.
I wish your company all the best.


Egbert Babst
BabstSoft e.K.
Executive Board
SoftGuide brings us ahead in search engines !!

We are a software developer for the building industry and specialize in GAEB.

Even though we work in a highly specialized market, SoftGuide has been able to bring us qualified inquiries for many years.
Thank you very much!

Greetings from Bonn,

Wilhelm Veenhuis
-Executive Director-
MWM Software & Beratung GmbH
Combahnstraße 43
53225 Bonn


"Considerable increase in the number of sales!"

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and the SoftGuide team for the excellent support and consultations.
Top-notch service! Through the use of SoftGuide we have seen a considerable increase in the number of sales of our inventory software rimacon basic.


Maike Lington
Executive Director

rimacon GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 40
21629 Neu Wulmstorf


"SoftGuide...a real 'bringer'..."

We are looking forward to collaborating with you in the next year, particularly because SoftGuide is a real "bringer" and provides an excellent range of services.

Diamant Software
Annette Menzel
Sunderweg 2
33649 Bielefeld


"Amazed at the number of qualified inquiries"

At the beginning of this year we published our new software (CaterIT for catering services) on your platform, and we are amazed at the number of qualified inquiries that SoftGuide has forwarded to us.
This has resulted in a final sales quote of 10% so far!

We would like to thank you for the quick processing and will not hesitate to recommend you to others.


Martina Arnold-Menn
Finkenwiesen 20
55442 Stromberg


"A high number of inquiries in spite of a narrow market segment!"

Dear Sirs and Madams:

Thank you very much for the three very interesting potential customer inquiries I have recently received. We have already begun a new business connection with the first of the three.

Our industry sector is not very large (approx. 1500 leasing companies in Germany), so the number of inquiries received so far is all the more astonishing.

We will definitely recommend you to others; I have, in fact, already spoken with a potential SoftGuide customer who is very interested in registering with you soon.

Greetings from Munich,

Hans Krammer
MDC Vertriebs- GmbH


I have been very pleased with the service and the results for over five years.
Because of SoftGuide's constant striving towards new platforms we profit from an increased number of qualified inquiries about our systems ATON-FEWO and ATON-HOTEL.
My only recommendation is that SoftGuide keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Reinhard Redlin
ATON-Software Redlin
17033 Neubrandenburg


"Increased publicity"

Hello SoftGuide Team,

The qualified customer inquiries aren't the only thing worth praising. Because of the SoftGuide platform and the SoftGuide marketing campaigns we have been able to observe a sharp increase in our level of publicity within the past six months. The high number of links (SoftGuide partners and collaborations) has influenced the search results of (modern) search engines to our advantage.

Thank you for this outstanding service.

Walter Brandt
Executive Director Consulting / Sales

SpinTag Technologies
Kopenhagener Strasse 31
10437 Berlin


"Cost-benefit ratio is outstanding!"

I would first like to attest that SoftGuide is a thoroughly interesting advertising partner. Our business sells only high-priced software (KADIS) starting at 40,000 Euro. In the last 18 months we have won two customers through SoftGuide. Software revenues 325,000 Euro. One might ask, "Is that a lot?" Speaking for Lighthouse Datensysteme I say, "The number of customers is indeed modest but the earnings and, above all, the cost-benefit ratio are outstanding. The results speak for themselves.

Lighthouse Datensysteme
Hans Niemeyer


Dear Sirs and Madams:

In the first two months of our listing on your SoftGuide platform we have been overwhelmed by feedback in the form of qualified customer inquiries. In addition, we've seen that we can profit daily from your marketing campaigns.
Keep up the good work!

We wish you a happy holiday season and much success in the coming year.

Greetings from Bremen,

Thorsten Prüser

EFK Entwicklungsgesellschaft
for Kommunikationssysteme GmbH

"A good decision!"

We decided to purchase an entry in SoftGuide one year ago. We consistently receive qualified inquiries and are very pleased with the quality of the forwarded customer contacts. Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Deisenhofen,

Simone Dörfer-Schröttner
Saubach, Blüm & Co.
Unternehmensplanung GmbH

"We don't want to be without your services anymore"

Many thanks for your excellent service.
We belong to that group of customers that doesn't want to be without your services anymore. We will soon be offering additional products through your service. The main reason is the current broadening of the potential client circle in Switzerland.

Manfred Bethge

Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH
Manfred Bethge - PR / Marketing

"Even our niche product receives regular inquiries"

Dear Sirs and Madams:

SoftGuide sends regular inquiries for our highly specialized software. The billing method (proportional to the number of contacts) is wonderfully suited to our software because high, all-inclusive base fees are not practical for a low-priced niche product.

Hans-Wilhelm Küppers
Executive Director

Küppers Software GmbH

"Received new customers!"

Dear Mr. Joachim:

Service is difficult to gauge; one has to experience it! That is one of the reasons we decided to become affiliated with about a year ago. It was definitely a good, successful decision! We have initiated contact with many interesting businesses and have received new customers.

We are pleased with your service and hope your offerings continue to further develop.

Greetings from Erkrath,

Enrico Bertoncello

Executive Director

Integral Management Systeme OHG
Steinhof 5
D-40699 Erkrath


"Very satisfied!"

...we are very satisfied with your search platform, not only with the information policies and the accessibility but also with your pricing policies....


Gabriela Bargfried

CODie software products e.K.
"Very promising!"

...congratulations on your website, which is working very promisingly for us!


Viola Mueller-Thuns

Viola Mueller-Thuns, Leitung Marketing & PR
H.R. Management Software GmbH • The Sage Group
"Big contract through SoftGuide!"

We owe our last big contract of 2001 to a contact we found through SoftGuide. This particular Swiss conglomerate became aware of our product through SoftGuide. Thank you very much!"

Greetings from Ammersee

Robert Pedrini
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

"Definitely worth the money!"

Dear Mr. Joachim:,

As per our telephone conversation yesterday I would like to say that we are very pleased with the quality of the contacts we receive from SoftGuide. Your service is definitely worth the money for us.

Seasons' Greetings and a Happy New Year!

Andreas Schmitz

Dr. Andreas Schmitz, Executive Director
NETRONIC Software GmbH
Pascalstrasse 15, 52076 Aachen, Germany

"Good working relationship!"
Dear SoftGuide Team:

Once again we have received your forwarded inquiries and would like to thank you for the good working relationship. Though we haven't yet been able to convert any inquiries into actual contracts, the concept of your method of communication is quite good. We look forward to good collaboration, luck, and success!

PRZ Informationstechnik GmbH

Irene Ehart

Assistant to the Executive Director
"Our entry is really paying off!"

Thank you for the prompt transaction...
our entry in SoftGuide is really paying off...
and I hope for continued successful collaboration.



Thomas Feiner

Hemauerstr. 17

93047 Regensburg


"Worth the investment"

At first we were skeptical about whether it was worth it to pay 5.50 Euro per inquiry, but SoftGuide has proven us wrong. Today our biggest customers come from SoftGuide and our company automatically shows up in search engine results.


Susanne Hirschberg

Postfach 100124
47701 Krefeld

ABACUS Software


"Advertising through SoftGuide"

We analyzed the data from last year and have come up with the following results for our advertising through SoftGuide:
We received about 50 customer inquiries from you and four of those turned into contracts (which is not to say that we might not get even more).
An 8% success rate is incredibly high and shows that you have provided us with truly qualified contacts. This has been the best and most effective advertising investment our company has ever made.


Dr.-Ing. Peter Daublebsky

"A professional software platform"

For over three years we have used the SoftGuide software guide to win customers for our electronic archive and, more recently, for our mobile internet office. We are very pleased with the service and support as well as with the end results. We are especially happy that the SoftGuide's services are continuously being developed, making them all the more appealing to us.

Greetings from Pfullendorf,
Jürgen H.R. Thomar
Executive Director of @ritos Datensysteme GmbH
"Final sales quote of 20%"

"Good search engine entry"

We have used SoftGuide for 2 years. Our previously announced final sales quote of 12% has been corrected--it is actually 20%. We are constantly amazed: even though our product is ALSO entered in all search engines, SoftGuide has the better "words" and has even entered our product in lesser known search engines.

n average we receive 10 inquiries per month (niche product)--it has always been profitable, due in part to the respectability of SoftGuide.

At the same time, SoftGuide charges a fair price and does not remain stuck in its achievements but continues to develop itself further. Even if we personally did not need this service, it gives potential customers a good impression.

We see you as a good business partner in keeping with the saying, "One hand washes the other."

RingSoft GbR
Ralf Ringshausen
D-32584 Löhne / Westf.